Our Story

Founder Jared Hill began his proprietorship of Aloha Products in 2012. An athlete with a bright collegiate future, was forced to change his path due to injury. Constantly focusing on positivity redirected his energy to stay in the game & not quit. He acquired a cabinet shop with state-of-the-art equipment to develop products that followed his passion for sports. Originally located in Livermore, CA, Aloha Products soon transformed ideas into products. Snowboard designs found early success and coined the logo Growing Young. In 2015, the shop expanded in Jackson, Ca for the mountain proximity and advantage of the winter conditions. The campus has grown to support the board demand as well as other wood product lines servicing the food and transportation industries. 

To support the growing business, metal working machines were slowly added to expand the product lines. Jared's father, Doug Hill, retired CEO/President of True-Tech Corporation mentored Aloha's success with proven leadership. This combined with 35 years of successful contract manufacturing, Aloha exudes the commitment for the process driven systems. It is this attraction that continues to build a strong talented team at the core of Aloha's success. 

Contract manufacturing is evolving as well as our global economy. 2020 was an exceedingly difficult year for all of us however, Aloha is committed to continuous growth by providing our customers with an abundance of services at a competitive advantage.