Crating Upgrades

There are many ways Aloha Crating can customize your crate to suit the needs of securing your product for shipping. 


Anti-Static Packaging

Electrical components like computer chips, servers, electronic assemblies and circuit boards can be permanently damaged by electrical discharges. Aloha Crating uses Electro-Static Discharge/Anti-Static packaging to protect your electronics from complications in transit. 


Blocking and Bracing 

Ensure that your good arrive safely and unscathed with blocking and bracing to limit movement during transit.


Canted Cradles

For oversize wide loads, we can provide a canted cradle to hold your crate at an angle to reduce the overall size and lower shipping costs.



Carpeting can be used as a low-cost solution to avoid surface abrasions. By applying along inner walls and components like saddles and bracing, delicate finishes and materials are protected.


Doors and Windows

Provide easy access to crucial components and get through customs easier with a clear view for inspectors to verify your crate's contents. Our engineers can develop doors to especially complement tradeshow crates by allowing easy access to your products.


Adding the finishing touch of hardware to your crate can create a unique reusable or ergonomic solution for your shipping needs. Aloha Crating can source a wide variety of specialty hardware.


Casters (locking)

Double Head
Eye Bolts
Lag Screws
Lifting Rings


Link Locks



Shipping your crate without adequate internal protection may lead to payload damage due to shocks, drops, vibration or other environmental hazards during transport. This spongy but firm material can help absorbs shock during transit. 


Poly Foam Cushioning

Foam can be made to dampen vibration and absorb shock from impact during shipping. Foams are chosen based on density, shock value, vibration, load bearing and recovery. 




Ramps can be made to your load specifications and allow the easy unloading of cargo.



Our engineers can develop custom wood saddle components fitted to your goods specifications and connected directly to the crate's base to support your good's payload during shipment. Saddles can be made covered with carpet or foam to prevent damage in transit. 



Shelving can be added to your crate and works great for trade show crates to provide extra storage for smaller components and can be combined with tie downs to prevent movement during transport. Shelves can be made fixed or removable to easily unload goods.



We can add your company logo, part number, special handling icons, special instructions and chemical notices to the outside of your shipping crate. 


Tie Downs

Ratchet tie down straps can be added to your crate to hold your goods in place and can be installed inside the container. 


Vapor Barriers

From dust, grease, salt water on cargo ships, to water vapor in humid conditions, the elements could subject your goods to severe damage and/or corrosion. Vapor Barriers are bagged and sealed and can last for up to 18 months.