Crating Services

At Aloha Crating, we understand the nuances required for shipping specialized equipment. We provide custom crating options like vibration dampening materials, shock mounts, vapor barriers to prevent moisture and water seepage, anti-static wrapping and foam cushioning to preserve the quality and functionality of your goods. 


ISPM-15 Certified

For your international shipping needs, we use heat-treated wood products to eliminate domestic fungus and insects from crates and from being transferred across borders. Aloha's crates and pallets feature the ISPM-15 Certification and European Union Certification stamps for your assurance that your international package will arrive safely and securely. 

We service the agriculture, automotive, military, aerospace, telecommunication, High-tech and robotics, and many other industrial industries.


Shipping Solutions for every need

Our craftsmen can custom design shipping solutions whether you have a small, one-time shipment or you have a recurring need for large, custom crating, we can provide quality service. We consider the mode of transportation, fragility of the cargo, weight, and dimensions to ensure your goods are shipped with care. 

    Our pallets are also completely custom built and can be for a one time use to elaborately built showpieces that have blocking and bracing placed strategically, allowing the item it’s built for to be gently placed and secured efficiently.

    Sometimes your shipment does not require a fully enclosed wood box. Aloha Crating offers the cost-effective alternative of an open-sided crate. This style of packaging looks like a cage around your items. If after talking with you about your shipment we feel that an open-sided crate will be the best packaging option, we'll let you know.

    We can provide you with several different crating services:

    • Residential: We provide residential crating services to homeowners, brokers, and moving companies throughout the area. We can handle residential items of all types, including pianos, antiques, artwork, work-out equipment, appliances, and more.
    • Commercial: Our company handles the needs of many businesses throughout San Francisco, including custom crating for medical equipment, electronics, cushioning, and shock mounting. We can handle shipments of all sizes.

    Contact Aloha today and learn how our exceptional crating services can protect your goods.